Tuesday, April 24, 2012

If The Dragon. {Poem}

Kneeling Knight photo by Ryan Myer

During a dark time in the life of our family, several years ago, I wrote this poem for my children (teens at the time) to help them heal. They felt grateful and moved, and one of them taped his copy inside his school locker to read every day. Now, I share it with you, with love.

If The Dragon

If the dragon were a heartache
Would you fight it to the end
Brandish every sword you own,
Each weapon to offend

Would you but spare the innocent,
Forgive the guilty, too,
While conquering the frightful foe 
Now ruling over you

Or would you cower in your armor
In the corner of your life,
Let the dragon go on dragging
Hearts through agony and strife

If the fire on the mountain
Were the anger in your chest,
If the enemy surrounding you
Refused to let you rest,

Would you face the mountain bravely,
Grit your teeth and set your will
Or lie down among the wild rose
Upon the quiet hill

Would you fall upon your sword
With a final anguished cry
Or slowly, steadily live to save
The soldiers left to die

Would you be the hero of the tale
Your soul so longs to tell
If the dragon were a heartache
And your quest were to be well.    

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